Our Seventh Induction Dinner – Friday 9th February - Feedback from Guests

It is always pleasing to receive compliments about our induction events and we received the
following communications about our February 2018 induction dinner:

Chris Waller – Inductee
It was an absolute pleasure last week to be at the New Zealand Hall Of Fame Awards and I was
very proud to be inducted. I will certainly be a good ambassador to you as I look forward to
getting to this event each time it is staged, on a two yearly basis.
Spending some time in New Zealand for the night showed me that the passion for New Zealand
Racing is still there and if I can help in any way, whether it be for the Hall Of Fame or with
racing to help promote New Zealand, please let me know.

Paul Moroney – Director
I spoke with Chris Waller at the Wm Inglis Classic sale about his experience on Friday night and
he spoke in glowing terms of both his induction and the inductee function in general.
He is committed to supporting the NZRHOF in the future and said he would like to help in any
way possible.
Chris said the evening outranked any other of its type he had attended anywhere.

Chris Turner – owner of inductee - Veandercross
We would like to personally thank you for providing a very professional and entertaining
evening. We both enjoyed ourselves very much, relishing the whole experience
James and Shirley Russell – Inductee representative
Thank you for an awesome evening. All those special inductees. Well done.
We had a night to be remembered for a lifetime. We thoroughly enjoyed the stories and tales,
the fabulous food and the honour of being part of a special night. This will live on in our

Bernard Saundry – CEO of NZ Thoroughbred Racing
A great night and well done to the Committee - very special moments for the inductees and the
audience. Recognising the past can only help the future of Thoroughbred Racing.

Andrew Seabrook – Managing Director or NZ Bloodstock
That was an excellent night on Friday. All the feedback I have received has been very positive so
well done to you and your team.

Justine Sclater – NZ Thoroughbred Breeders
I wanted congratulate you all on a fantastic night on Friday, I thoroughly enjoyed the
proceedings and especially the video clips. I certainly appreciate the many hours of work that
all must have gone into the making it such a memorable night for all involved.